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Animation and Video Game Demo ReelCrystal Lee
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Professional Microphone with Pop Filter

home studio


Neumann TLM 103


Focusrite Scarlett Solo


Adobe Audition, iZotope RX8


Treated with Audimute Sound Absorption/Dampening Blankets, acoustic foam bass traps


Source Connect Standard, Source Connect NOW, Cleanfeed, Zoom, Skype, Discord

Hard-Wired Connection 

Download: 400 Mbps download 

Upload: 10 Mbps upload​ 


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Taiwanese American




Remote Recording Capable

Hey there! I'm Crystal Lee, a Seattle-based voice actress with a broadcast-quality home studio equipped with Source Connect Standard and experience in animation, video game, commercial, ADR, narration, and audio drama voiceover.

I began my voice acting career in 2020, right after graduating from my Bachelors and Masters programs in biomedical engineering, and less than a stone's throw from the global pandemic that turned our world upside-down. Not to be deterred by the gargantuan lemon that life bowled our way, I took advantage of the stay-at-home mandate to pursue my passion for voiceover and turn it into a flourishing career. Over the past two years, I've been fortunate enough to take classes and workshops with incredible teachers across the country to hone my skills in the diverse fields of VO.

How's that for lemonade?

When I'm not screeching expletives into a mic, you're most likely to find me playing Dungeons & Dragons, creating digital art, and reading Webtoons at 4 a.m.! Despite my caffeinated-raccoon-like countenance, I am actually quite the introvert and much prefer spending a night in watching Spirited Away for the fifty-seventh time to hitting the town, even before the cursed plague descended upon these lands. That is, of course, unless there is Korean BBQ or an Escape Room involved. I haven't failed one yet and so help me god I will not be bested in this lifetime.